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  • Day: 1 Seattle & Mount Rainier National Park

    From the Emerald City, Seattle, travel a short distance to the jewel of the Cascade Mountains, Mt. Rainier National Park. A spectacular start as hiking trails jag up and down and pine trees cling on for all they're worth. An afternoon hike will be on offer considering there are over 300 miles available on the parks' network of trails.
    Accommodation: Camping included

  • Day: 2 Montana

    Into the Big Sky cowboy country of Montana. The alpine meadows, snow-streaked peaks and glinting lakes of Montana's wilderness will be sure to impress!
    Accommodation: Camping included

  • Day: 3-4 Glacier National Park

    If the scenic ice-carved valleys and hikes along turquoise lakes don't get you snaphappy in Glacier National Park, nothing will. Grizzly bears, moose, elk, mountain goats, marmots and a host of birds and small animals call Glacier home. Hike in one of the most beautiful and natural settings for an incredible introduction to the Rocky Mountains.
    Accommodation: Camping included

  • Day: 5 Western Ranch Stay

    Playing hard, eating well and telling tales are all in a day's fun at our inclusive mountain ranch!
    Accommodation: Ranch included

  • Day: 6-7 Yellowstone National Park

    Heading out of Montana into Wyoming, we reach Yellowstone National Park for a glorious two-night stay. View explosive geysers and colourful waterfalls while exploring the world's oldest and most famous national park. Keep your eyes peeled for the abundant wildlife. Bison, moose and elk roam the park - best be quick on the draw with your camera.
    Accommodation: Camping included

  • Day: 8-9 Grand Teton National Park & Jackson

    Next, wonderful views and hikes await in majestic Grand Teton National Park. With few foothills to speak of, the jagged peaks here rise like teeth from lush, flat meadows against a bright blue sky. Check out Inspiration Point; the name is no exaggeration and the hike will keep you smiling. Wild West? You betcha. Next we visit the truly western town of Jackson, Wyoming. Rafting the raging Snake River rapids, one of America's last great untamed rivers, should get the adrenaline pumping. So might a shot of 'Red-Eye' Whiskey at the Silver Dollar Saloon.
    Accommodation: Camping included

  • Day: 10-12 Wyoming & Rocky Mountain National Park

    Back on the highway, those mountaintops rarely slide from sight. Colorado, here we come, for two days exploring the heart of the Rockies at the spectacular Rocky Mountain National Park. You may find company on the trail as bighorn sheep occasionally hang out here too.
    Accommodation: Camping included

  • Day: 13-14 Arkansas River & Colorado Rockies

    Continue the adventure by facing raging rapids by whitewater raft. Take our word for it; the Arkansas River is one heck of a rush. Then travel along America's spectacular mountain roads to old gold rush towns such as Ouray or Telluride. Walking and biking in the craggy scenery demands strong legs and lungs and nearby hot springs provide welcome relief.
    Accommodation: Camping included

  • Day: 15 Monument Valley

    We head to the Navajo Tribal Lands of Monument Valley. The only things to pre-date the origins of Native American culture are the towering buttes and mesas which dominate the awe-inspiring landscape. Take the opportunity to experience it close-up with an optional jeep ride and a visit to the Navajo Indian Reservation, before setting up camp on the edge of Monument Valley. What a place to swap campfire stories and songs.
    Accommodation: Camping included

  • Day: 16-17 Grand Canyon National Park

    Next we come face to face with the most awe-inspiring national park of them all, the Grand Canyon. Nothing you have ever seen before will prepare you for this spectacular site! Lace your trusty boots and hike Bright Angel Trail to Indian Gardens and on to Plateau Point for one heady view... or take to the sky on a scenic flight for a bird's eye view. One thing's for sure, this place looks incredible from any angle, especially walking along the rim at sunset or sunrise.
    Accommodation: Camping included

  • Day: 18-19 Lake Powell & Zion National Park

    Lake Powell, formerly the great Glenn Canyon, offers an unsurpassed desert experience. Go for a swim in the clear blue waters or just relax on the shore and take in the beauty of this man-made oasis. Onwards to Zion National Park to swim and to explore the hidden canyons or maybe hike to Angels Landing. Okay, so getting up there can be devilish at times, but the famous trail puts on a full 360-degree display of this magnificent national park.
    Accommodation: Camping included

  • Day: 20 Las Vegas

    With a sudden burst of neon, Vegas is right in your face - the greatest show on earth! Cruise "The Strip" in a super-stretch limo, indulge in an all-you-can eat buffet, take in a show or just watch the amazing crowds, neon signs and attractions that many hotel casinos have to offer. And if that's not enough, take a helicopter flight back down The Strip or just gamble the night away in one of the world class casinos.
    Accommodation: 1 en-route hotel nights paid locally

  • Day: 21 Los Angeles

    Beyond the Mojave Desert, LA awaits... where the sun goes down and the stars come out. One tour of Hollywood later and the curtain finally comes down on an incredible tour.

    This tour ends at approximately 17:00 hrs. We can book you post-tour accommodation at our gateway hotel if required. If you are planning to fly tonight, please do not book a flight that departs before 21:00 hrs..


By Sushant Arora ( DGM - SCM ) Tata Teleservices Ltd.

It was indeed a pleasure to have appointed HICORD as our Travel partner for the past one year. All the trips that you have organized at Goa, Japan and other destinations including recent trip to Goa for our Channel Partners from 10-13 March 2011 was up to mark and all the partners are extremely happy with your hospitality.