North America


New york! New york! The city that inspired musicals and several cultural movements. In new york, high culture blends fluidly with gritty city atmosphere. Don’t be surprised if your day of shopping at high-end boutiques concludes with an impromptu steel drum concert at a subway. Or if after stepping out of a swanky french café you are greeted by the scent of falafel sold by a roadside vendor. This kind of amalgam is the soul of new york.



It’s not easy to live up to titles like ‘cradle of liberty’ and ‘the hub of the universe’, yet boston pulls it off with panache. This former haunt of puritan colonists and freedom fighters is now home to reformers of another breed. Today boston is the place new england’s financial entrepreneurs and cultural prophets frequent.


White Mountain National Forest

Mount washington looms in front of you. Nordic trails curve through wooded grounds. A moose languidly strolls onto the campground while a red fox darts past. You are at white mountain national forest, where travelers head when weary with civilisation.


The Finger Lakes

Nature created these geographical marvels to resemble fingers, but in her capricious way, added an eleventh. But it’s not the label of a geographical oddity that draws visitors to the finger lake region. This region, particularly around the canandaigua lake, is blessed with excellent wineries, sublime weather and all the requisites for outdoor pursuits like sailing, ice-fishing and kayaking.



Nothing can quite describe the breathtaking majesty of the niagara falls, where the niagara river plunges down an escarpment over a thousand feet wide. Witness mother nature at her awe-inspiring best.



The usa’s most powerful symbols of history and politics share space with modern works of art and museums that hold within their walls information on everything from aviation to espionage. America’s capital is a history buff’s playground.