Day 1

Arrival at the airport. Transfer to the hotel.


Day 2


The tour starts from the Baroque fountain Di Trevi, one of the most famous fountains in the world. Throw a coin in it, to be ensured a return to Rome. Get to the Castel Sant Angelo, used by the popes as a fortress and castle, and now a museum. Have a break in Piazza Navona, one of the world\'s most famous squares. Continue to the Pantheon, the temple to all Gods in Ancient Rome. Get to the Spanish steps, the most majestic urban monuments of Roman Baroque style in Rome. Explore the Vatican Museums from inside and the treasures of the Popes. Admire Michelangelos famous ceiling inside the Sistine Chapel. Visit St Peter\'s Basilica, where Peter - the apostle who is considered the first pope - was crucified and buried.


Day 3


Visit the heart of Ancient Rome, the Colosseum. Explore this scene of many gladiatorial contests. Admire the spectacular Roman Forum, between the Palatine hill and the Capitoline hill. It was the centre of political, commercial and judicial life in ancient Rome. See the Roman empire come back to life at this site. Remains of many buildings from different periods are visible. The forum was littered with temples, basilicas and triumphal arches.


Day 4

Rome - Assisi

Departure to the medieval hill-top town of Assisi, the home of St Francis. Visit the Basilica di Santa Maria degli Angeli, built on a grandiose scale. It is the seventh largest Christian church. Enter the Porziuncola chapel and the Cappella del Transito. Visit the Papal Basilica of St. Francis and admire the beautiful frescoes by Giotto.


Day 5

Assisi - Venice 

Travel to the romantic city of Venice. Cruise past the Palladian churches to St Mark\'s Square. See the Doges Palace and discover the part of the palace where the city\'s administration worked, as well as Casanova\'s jail. Visit the Basilica, a monument made unique by both its wealth of history and the magnificence of its facade and interior. Watch one of the few remaining masters blow molten glass into a unique creation at a Venetian glass-blowing factory. Feel the unique atmosphere, cruising along the Venetian canals by gondola.


Day 6

Venice Pisa  - Florence 

Continue to Tuscany and the coastal town of Pisa. See the freestanding bell tower or the famous Leaning Tower. Visit the splendid Cathedral of Pisa and explore artwork by Giambologna, Della Robbia, and other major artists. Admire the its late Gothic and early Renaissance style. Get to the Baptistery and enjoy the picturesque view up top. Departure to Renaissance Florence.


Day 7


Explore this cultural, artistic and architectural gem. Visit the Academy Gallery to see Michelangelo`s David and the unfinished Slaves. Continue to the multi-coloured marble Santa Croce Basilica. See Giotto\'s bell tower and Gates of Paradise. Visit the Piazza della Signoria, the historical heart of Florence. Enjoy a demonstration of leather work where exactly this craft first established itself.


Day 8

Florence - Cassino  - Sorrento

Departure to Lazio and the Montecassino Abbey. The museum has medieval art and artifacts from the monastery and explains the history of monasticism. Continue to the Commonwealth War Graves cemetery, a beautifully maintained area with magnificent views of the monastery. Travel to the magnifiscent resort of Sorrento.

Day 9


Sorrento - Capri Island - Sorrento

Cruise to the island of dreams, Capri. Visit Capri Town. Walk along the narrow alleyways and enjoy the views over the Mediterranean Sea. Continue to Anacapri to visit Villa San Michele. Admire the stupendous views of the island, the Sorrentine Peninsula and Mount Vesuvius.

Day 10


Sorrento - Pompei  - Sorrento

Explore Pompei, preserved by layers of ash from the disastrous eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD79. Walk along the cobbled streets of ancient Roman civilization. Pompei is unique in the world as it gives the possibility to reconstruct the daily life of the inhabitants of a city that on a catastrophic way has immortalized. Back to Sorrento.


Day 11

Sorento - Positano - Rome 

Travel to Positano, a small picturesque town with splendid coastal views, on the famous Amalfi Coast. Visit Collegiata di Santa Maria Assunta Chirch, boasting of a majestic dome, and the location of the famous 13th century Byzantine icon, the Madonna di Positano. Have a walk around the harbor area and relax. Departure to Rome.


Day 12

Transfer to the airport.