South Africa

This is the cradle of civilisation. This is a place so stunning, words and images fail to do it justice. Wildlife roaming free in vast reserves. Cities that promise every possible sort of luxury. Mountains dusted with snow. The untamed beauty of the Kalahari. Vineyards celebrated the world over. Beaches the colour of talcum powder, lapped by a cerulean ocean. A study in dramatic contrasts, South Africa is the new age traveller’s dream destination.



Knysna doesn’t boast the tallest buildings or the longest bridges. Its inhabitants would much rather spend their time playing a leisurely game of golf by the lagoon or sipping a cool drink at one of its ubiquitous cafes. After all, when you live in a town that is well favoured by the benevolent sun, and bordered by emerald woods and a large estuary; why would you ask for more?





Cape Town

There are estinations that are known for housing geographical marvels. Tourists flock to others for their historical significance. While still others offer more frivolous cultural pursuits. As a city that houses Table Mountain, Cape Winelands and is a short distance away from Robben Island; Cape Town manages to wend its way into every list.






Jozi is the vibrant, pulsating hub of South Africa. The best of the country’s nightlife is concentrated here, as are restaurants and shopping malls. Interestingly, here modern pursuits haven’t replaced the more traditional ones as it so often happens in most metropolises. Craft markets with African masks, beaded dolls and colourful ceramics line the streets. It’s the nation’s largest city after all, there’s always room for more.


Sun City

Although it shares the title of a gambler’s paradise, South Africans would disdain the idea of likening Sun City to Vegas. Sun City does not limit itself to cards, slot machines and roulette wheels. This resort offers more, so much more in the form of golfing and other outdoor activities. Add a dash of myth and history and you have a more accurate picture.



The architecture, you can’t help noticing, is distinctly Dutch. The wineries have names you’re more likely to stumble upon in France. The vineyards themselves are a far cry from the South African savannahs. Yet here you will find it all, serenely congruous in the quaint town of Franschhoek.